More options available when See all is clicked


In the Documents folder when I click on See all it brings me to another view where there are more options available including the Move To and Copy To, is there a way to make these options (Copy To, Move To, etc) available without having to click on See all first?


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Hi @FrankGriffin,


It would seem that you are using a site page with the "Document Library" web part. It does not behave the same as a native Document Library and, outside of hide/show the command bar, there are no configuration options.


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young 

Thanks Norm, that does help.

Is is possible to make the native Document library the default location for documents on the site?


Hi @FrankGriffin,


Not that I am aware of.


You can set a site-document library as a saved location within your Office Apps.



Norman is correct, it's not possible to make the landing page of a document library as home page of your site...there could be however some tricks to do that such as redirection from the home page to the document library, but it implies some development

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

ok, thanks.

Are there advantages to using the native Document library as the main location to store files as opposed to using a Web Part document library as the main file storage location? Or does it make any difference?



The simple answer is to remove the library web part from the home page and replace it with a link to the library itself. That way when people come to your site, they have to go to the library to see the documents which will give them access to all the options in the command bar. 


I've pretty much stopped putting document web parts on pages except for instances where I need to provide context about the library or the documents. And in that case I direct them to the actual library for more functional options.