More details to access request?

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I believe you all have been on the situation that you received a link to document from your colleague, click that and then end to this view:


This is of course not a problem for users who are having only one M365 account in use. Request access and have fun.


But in case you have multiple accounts (e.g. regular and admin) this could be a problem. As the question is, how to verify for what account this permission is requested?


Is it only me who is wishing to see "identity" on this page as well? To secure that accesses are not requested to "wrong" account?

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The way to check this is to check what mailbox the permission has been sent to. Usually you only have one Account and use PIM to enable admin permissionsm so it's not usually a problem

Thanks @NicolasKheirallah, but perhaps I explain it incorrectly :)

The problem is, that I have admin and I have regular account on my browser. Earlier it was not so as I'm trying to use admin in incognito mode. But now with Azure PS, the authentication prompts to browser and that adds my credentials also into my regular browser. Or I have sign-in elsewhere using third account.


I would like to see the account which I'm using to asking the credentials to the destination. I do not want that owner on other site adds access to my admin account :) Because of that it would be nice if I could see my own current account on that view.