Modern Webpart not full width


In creating a modern home page for a new site, I noticed that even in single column layout, web parts don't go full width, but seem to have a maximum width.  Is there anyway to change this that people have found?  I want to put a wider file up then displays in File Viewer.

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Branding options for modern webparts are provided, as happens with classic ones, in the configuration panel so if the WebPart does not have the option to configure the width, there is nothing you can do

Many of the webparts that exhibit this behavior (like an announcement webpart) does have the option to set width but it has no effect.  In a two-column layout, it's about 1/2 the width of the column, and on a one-column layout it gets no larger despite setting width to either a specific number like 800-1000px or full-width of column.

"The only thing required is the property fullBleed in the webpart's manifest." Looks like Microsoft standard WebParts are not having that? See here