Modern Weather web part issue - no forecast


We are seeing an issue with the weather web part this week. We have it set up to show the weather for a number of locations. Yesterday, 2 of the 4 locations did not render results, just showing the placeholder images. Today, none of the locations are displaying results.


Digging into the code, there is an error thrown as the forecast days array is empty. Below is the JSON being returned from the call to



    "weather": [
            "alerts": 0,
            "current": {
                "cap": "Mostly Clear",
                "daytime": "n",
                "feels": 40,
                "rh": 65,
                "icon": 29,
                "pvdrIcon": "29",
                "wx": "",
                "sky": "FEW",
                "temp": 41,
                "windDir": 33,
                "windSpd": 2,
                "pvdrCap": "Mostly Clear",
                "pvdrWindDir": "",
                "pvdrWindSpd": "",
                "baro": 30.53,
                "dewPt": 30,
                "vis": 9.9,
                "aqiSeverity": "Unknown",
                "created": "2021-03-10T06:15:41.0154215-05:00"
            "forecast": {
                "days": []
            "provider": {
                "name": "Foreca",
                "url": ""
    "source": {
        "id": "105128581",
        "coordinates": {
            "lat": 40.71427,
            "lon": -74.00597
        "utcOffset": "-05:00:00",
        "countryCode": "US",
        "clickThrough": ",-74.00597?ctsrc=SPWP"



Anyone else seeing this? 

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@Ivan Wilson, I'm seeing the same issue across several of our clients who are using the Weather webpart only in the last few days.


Wonder if it's related to the 365 outage which occurred on Tuesday.

Yes We are getting the same issue for one of our customer, web part data is not rendering @Ivan Wilson 


Good news, the weather is back. I've tested on two separate tenants. The JSON "days" array now has 1 entry.
Many thanks for the update Ivan!