Modern view for task lists and calendars?

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Does anyone know if a timeline for when modern view will be avilable for Task Lists and Calendars?  

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Sorry, but we don't have an ETA for modern experiences to these lists and others such as Contacts Lists or Issues Lists

For Tasks, you could possibly do it by yourself. 

Just create a custom list, add the task content type and remove the other.

Should be modern, I assume (haven't tested it). I'm unsure how the modern UI would handle the predecessor ui item.

Note that the Task list is a special lists (Type 171) that handles task hiearchy, allowing you to indent tasks as childeren to other tasks.  It internally manages a field called ParentID to do this.  By using generic list you lose this capability.  I'm also not sure if the Status field and % Complete are tied together when use use a "Custom list" type instead of the "Task List" type.  In task lists, tasks become 50% compelete with status is set in progress, sets to 100% when completed and sets to 0 when not started.  Other things like sync to Outlook will also not work (which i dont know if any one uses anymore).

totally correct. There's even more, like Outlook syncing.

I can confirm that pulling in the Task content type into a Custom List does not carry any of the Task List's functionality along with it.

Thats correct.  Tasks Lists are assocated with a List Template 107 and 150 that have Event Receviers that trigger on each item added/changed:

  • ItemAdding - HierarchyTaskListItemEventHandler
  • ItemUpdating - HierarchyTaskListItemEventHandler
  • ItemAdded - TaskListItemAdded
  • ItemUpdated - TaskListItemUpdated

These events are not associated to the List Template 100, which is what a Custom List is.  

FYI, Calendars is halfway into Modern experience through through the Events web part.


Eager for news on task lists, though!

I really would like to see this happen. We have a lot of task lists used as assigned followup items connected to normal lists. Its would be really good when we can switch all to the modern experience and not have the lists.

By the time 'modern experiences' are rolled out by MS, they will start looking like 'legacy experience' in comparison to everything else.

hello I'm currently developing a timeline WP with react and spfx linked with a tasks list. I think it will take no longer time to developp one for calendars

Any update on a timeline for implementing modern view for lists and calendars?

Same here...I can't move to Modern experience in SharePoint Online without Calendar and Tasks...would be happy if MS would add Flow, Power Bi, and PowewrApps integration to classic experience as it looks to be in Modern experience...also, while at it, add Connectors like MS Teams like Jira Cloud

I've been involved with similar threads about other areas which require modernising. It was hinted there that we should wait to see what is announced at Ignite. I know not a great answer, and I have no specifics about what is coming, but that is the info which I've gained.

You can use an iframe in an embed web part to get a calendar view, it's not perfect but works for me.

<iframe width="100%" height="1000px" src="" scrolling="no" style="margin-left: -200px; margin-top: -190px;">

Yuliya Haradniuk posted it here -

I would also like to know this. According to this discussion, tasks in modern experience should be supported in SharePoint Server 2019, but when I asked if the same "fix"/functionality would be applied to SharePoint Online, I was asked to address this question here in the SharePoint online community. 

Ok, this is annoying. Would really like to know what is the status on this one.
MSFT does some good stuff, but they tend to take a very long time to do it, - and get left behind again and again :\

@Lars Prahl wrote:
MSFT does some good stuff, but they tend to take a very long time to do it, - and get left behind again and again :\

Yes, and sadly it is all these little missed that sometime make it so unpractical to use that people prefer to use something else like google calendar or even a piece of paper in a conference room. It sometime almost feels like buying a Ferrari car where the door has no hinges so would have to crawl in through the window. Sad. But let us just keep reminding them of these little thing so they fix them.

Navigate to List settingsAdvanced settings > scroll to the bottom to List experience and select New experience.