Modern SP news post title not updating in news web part

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Another annoying bug  - a user updated a title of a news post, but the new title doesn't display in the news web part. I've republished, checked out and in, cleared cache, reindexed site and library and renamed the post myself - but it clearly doesn't work properly.  The user did reposition this post using the organize posts option for what it's worth. 


Actually, the news web part is not getting ANY of the updated content - title, description and date are all wrong. I copied it and deleted original, but still no change. So now it's displaying a news post THAT DOESN'T EXIST!! What a joke. Really wish Msft would spend their time on fixing the many bugs in the product instead of constantly rolling out "improvements" that no one has asked for. 


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Did you ever find a fix to this? I am facing the same issue with a client's SPO site. Thanks!
I've run into the exact same problem! No cache clearing or waiting works. Confirmed title is updated in various meta fields... still not updating on News webpart. Frustrating!