Modern Site Page search issue

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I have created a new modern site page and it looks great. I am having an issue using the search on the page though. When I start typing I get the suggested results, but if I click "Show more results", I get directed to a blank page. Even more odd, the path is the full Site Page path including .aspx appended with "search/sitefiles?q=[querystring]&s=[SiteUrl]". The Tenant is still on classic if that matters at all. If anyone can point me in the right direction for this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Strange, I'm not having this blank experience when trying to reproduce your problem...I get the new search results page and I can from there also go to the classic search results page

I tried to replicate the issue on my dev tenant and it seems to work just fine. It even uses the same URL construct which I suppose is normal now, I am just unfamiliar with it. Does anyone know if the Tenant has to be using the modern experience for the search to work properly from the modern site pages?

do you have a screenshot ?

A screen shot of the blank page? The url is as stated [FullPath]/search/sitefiles?q=[queryString]&s=[SiteUrl]. I am looking into turning the modern experience on for the site collection and seeing if that will work.

i wasn´t understanding if the blank was only for part of the page, or if the browser would just be totally blank without any menu.


That url is the url when searching on the site for example on modern ui but i see results .


Does fiddler return anything ? Also if you press f12 do you see any errors on the Console ?


This is what I get in the console (removed some information for security):


Refused to display '[User]…[SiteUrl]&Silent=1' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.
shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29 GET[User]…[SiteUrl]&Silent=1 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_RESPONSE
O365SuiteServiceProxy.RequestExecutor.G @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
p @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
j @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
m @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
a @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
c @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
GSAA @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:32
q @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:34
(anonymous) @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:34
(anonymous) @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:34
(anonymous) @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:32
S2Ss.a.Sv.SessionStorageRequest.u @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:32
SessionStorageRequest.r.d @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
O365SuiteServiceProxy.RequestExecutor.internalOnMessage @ shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29
shellplusg2m_73d3a900.js:29 Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('') does not match the recipient window's origin ('null').

can you open a support ticket ?

I am going to get the go ahead to turn on the Modern Experience at the tenant soon. If that doesn't fix it then I will put a ticket in.

I have this same problem and MS Support has been incredibly unhelpful. Did you get it resolved?

I'm having this same issue.  Any resolution on this?

I have a three-month-long ticket with Microsoft.

@Timothy Willis I don't know if this has been answered, but I had the same problem and there is a simple answer.  For example: If you type "624" in the "Search this Site" box  files will appear in the drop down list. Make sure you append a "*" changing to "624*" before clicking on "Show More Results". All the files in the library  with "624" in the name will then appear.