Modern Site and Document Library Search Suggestions and Results

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When searching in a modern hub site and document library within the site the search suggestions and the search results page show document file names instead of the titles.  Is there a way to change this?  It doesn't make for a very nice search experience as file names are not usually formatted in a friendly manner where titles are edited and friendly to the users.  


Attached are screenshots from the document library search and also the hub site search/results.





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Did you look at this solution from pnpstarter kit. It gives you options to build query and custom refiner for modern search.


Thanks I will take a look.  Seems like a shame that the default search uses the filenames instead of titles.  I also noticed that if you search in SharePoint home the search results do get displayed using the Title instead of the filename.


Do you know if there are any plans to tidy this up in modern sites without us having to do customization?



Hi, I found this blog that sorts the problem out.


basicly you go to search schema on the title managed property settings and adjust the position of the MetadataExtractorTitle crawled property (or remove that crawled property altogether if you do not want it included).


I deleted it alltogether which fixed the problem.

Thanks for the info but I doesn't seem to have fixed my issue.  I'm seeing this issue with PDF files and the search seems to be retrieving the filename instead of the Title metadata.