Modern SharePoint site "Theme" suddenly changed from our Organization theme setup in Admin Portal


We use SharePoint Online and primarily have Modern sites created from O365 Groups.


Late last week I noticed that our Modern sites (Group, Team & Communication sites) seem to have somehow reset and are no longer using the theme designated in the Admin Portal under Settings- Organization Profile.  


Our classic sites and SharePoint Home still show our Org theme.  But, most of our sites are showing MS blue & white.  I can't seem to change this.  I've tried reapplying our theme but, no dice.


Any ideas?

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It seems the corporate branding you have applied in Office 365 is not being respected by SPO: Can you confirm that in other partes of Office 365 it's shown as expected? In that case, I recommend you to open a support case with this issue

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thank you, Juan.


Yes, I did open a ticket.  I was curious to see if this was happening to anyone else.


Other parts of O365 are showing the theme I set in Organization Profile.  In fact,  Classic sites are still showing our theme as well.  Only modern sites seem to be affected.  This started last week.


Reapplying the theme has no effect.

In my developer tenant, I was seeing issues with the Suite Bar in Modern Sites. The icons were not responding to clicks to show dropdowns and it is stuck in a blue color - not honoring the current modern theme I've applied. Today, the icons are responding, but the Suite Bar is stuck on blue.

Thanks, @Mary F Harvey.  I'm glad to hear it's not just us.  Hopefully Microsoft will fix it soon.

The weird thing is:  I see this issue only on Modern sites and if I navigate to Site Contents on a Modern Site, my theme appears, not the blue.

The same happens in my production and developer tenants.  Only for Modern sites/groups.  

We have the exact same issue. I first noticed it on Friday (2nd). I have a ticket open with Microsoft but no solution found yet.


If I navigate to "change the look > classic change the look options" and apply any composed look then the Org theme will return but as soon as I re-apply a modern SharePoint theme, the Org theme gets reset to the blue one.

We are experiencing the same behaviour. Has anyone heard back from Microsoft yet?

I'm seeing some other errors that look to be when they are adding dynamic styles so I'm guessing they're updating how they push out theme styles.  Let's hope it doesn't too long to get it going.

We have noticed similar behaviour in our tenant. As it's not yet used for production we haven't chased MSFT about it yet.

If I create a new group/team site and theme it, it will look correct on first load. If I then return to it the front page will have the blue suite bar and no theme but e.g. libraries will display branded suite bar but still the default MSFT theme.

I'm currently investigating this issue and will update as soon as possible. 

We're experiencing the same issue on Modern Team and Communication sites.  Our classic SharePoint sites are fine as well.  Please let us know when resolved.

Will do John - I'm going to PM you shortly to get some tenant details if you don't mind.
We are hoping to get this fully resolved today.
This is a real show stopper for large organisations like ours. Could you please advise on a workaround for the time being? Thinking of directly addressing suite bar related color spaces via custom SPO theme. Is there an up-to-date map available?

Yep happening in my tenant too ... I posted the other day on this.


Also not sure if yours are affected but putting a Yammer web part seems to fail and the library/list web parts don't function as they did a few weeks ago.


I have also logged a call and have a support person looking at it at the moment. 

We are still investigating and have posted a notification to the service health dashboard under SP128778

We believe we have fully fixed the issue.


Please ensure to clear your browser cache and run Ctrl+F5 on the site collection having issues - If for any reason any of you are still seeing the issue please let me know.

Fantastic! Very impressive how efficiently this was handled. Via the usual support root the escalation just takes way too long.

Thanks for fixing it!