Modern SharePoint Alerts for News Posts

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I am trying to work out how our staff can be notified when a new News Post is published. I am aware it’s not possible to simply subscribe to news posts with the current built in alerts system therefore I have managed to create a Flow that uses the trigger "When file is created or modified" using the steps here:

The problem I am now having is that it won’t accept our staff mailing list email address as the email recipient and I am wondering how to get the email to send to 50+ people. Other than manually adding each email address (trying to avoid this as will then have to constantly add/remove email addresses).

I tried adding a column to a list of current staff which has their individual email address and thinking there is a way can get it to pull from that column but I am not sure how to go about it, can anyone help?

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Hi @gcassidy - what happens when you try to use the staff email address? You may want to try using a variable:

Step is called 'Initialize variable', maybe call it varEmail, set it to be a string and then add the staff email address there. In the email step, rather than type in the true email address, type in varEmail.