Modern Search Web Part specific need to search a list

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Following the recent(ish) release of the PnP Modern Search tools for SP Online I have a specific need... 
On a site page add a search box which will only search a specific list that I have created. 

I can build the search box and the results and I have them connected but by default I think it searches the whole tenant for any potential matches. I want it to search a specific list only for matches. How can I do that... 

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I have able to solve this myself after alot of research...

I have created scenarios where I'm searching a single list and another where I search 4 specific site collections and populate the values using the search verticals after creating 4 different results sources.

I think the support docs could be cleaner for citizen developers and given the use case I would expect to be a considerable number of the folks trying this.


Search a specific list:



Search 4 sites (in one results source)



@sasrsc Can you share how you were able to connect the modern search web parts to a list you created yourself?



@sasrsc  I also need to know how to connect my Search Results Web Part to a SharePoint list (it's currently showing results from our entire company SharePoint site)