Modern Search Taxonomy field filtering.

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I have added a filter tag in SharePoint modern search option. This filter option is provided for termstore column called TaxKeyword, this is sharepoint provided column.

But in search result it showing the termstore id. I want to display only termstore label. 

Can anyone help me for this.



I tried following option:

  • I mapped the crawl property  ows_TaxKeyword with "RefinableString01" but it is also displaying the id in filter option


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Hello @biku620 


oh, another post ...


Here are my configuration to check.


Map your Column ows_TaxKeyword to an existing RefinableString managed property:



You need update your Microsoft Search Verticals and add the RefinableString property as filter:



After a few hours the filter are available in the Microsoft Search:




Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 

I did same thing but filter does not appear in the search vertical. I did ReIndex  for list and site also.

Please see the below setting


managed Property mapping:



Vertical Settings:


But this filter not appearing in the vertical. Following are the filter for the selected custom vertical:





Some configuration was missing in site label. Now it solve the issue
By curiosity, which configuration was missing? I'm in the same situation if I look at your screen but still have the ID in front of the queries