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Dean Gross
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I am seeing a new Search experience in my clients tenant. I don't remember seeing an Announcement about that can anyone point me to one?


Also, where can I find info about how to customize it like we could for standard Search center ?

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Timely, just about to start building one.

Hi Dean, Could you please be more specific about the search experience you are referring to? The only thing that comes to my mind is the new search results page that we shipped as part of SharePoint Home release about 3 months ago (was part of the SharePoint Home announcement). That experience is currently only accessible from SharePoint Home and is not replacing Search Center, In fact, there is a link on the new experience that allows the user to go to the search center. We are still working on improving the new search results page and currently it doesn't support any customization.

Yes, that is what I am referring to. 


Thank for the explanation


HI @Alina Skarbovsky , currently? It's planned to customize the new seach results page?


Hi David,


We are still working on defining what level of customization/configuration new search results pages will support. (@Bernt Ivar Olsen, @Kathrine Hammervold)

Just wanted to flag that the date formats in the new search results do not reflect our default format.

It shows MM/DD/YYYY and not as it does in our current search results page DD/MM/YYYY

I hope this will be addressed. Thanks



Thanks for reporting this, Philine. I'm opening a bug for this. Can you please share the locale and region settings that you are using?

Hi Alina, thanks for looking into this. Our region is UK/London/UTC. Hope that helps

@Bernt Ivar Olsen for the additional details.


Hi Philine, is the rest of SharePoint displaying the right time/date format? In our internal setup, where I personally have Norwegian time & date it displays the correct DD/MM/YY format in the search page. If I use the default setup (EN-US) I get MM/DD/YY.


Hi Bernt,

yes our tenant is set to DD/MM/YYYY. When using the 'old' search dates show in that format, while the new version shows these in MM/DD/YYYY.


I just noticed though that dates are now generally displayed as month + date, year, eg November 12, 2017 in libraries. I am not sure if this was has always been the case.

Looking at different OneDrive accounts, the date displays again do vary even with the same regional settings. For some it shows the same as above month + date, year while others show is DD/MM/YYYY. Then again in the shared with me files, this is MM/DD/YYYY.


All in all a little confusing.

Have there been any further developments in the time format? The new search still gives me MM/DD/YYYY while classic gives me DD/MM/YYYY as it is set in our tenant