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Just wanted to check in with other users after speaking to Office support that the modern popularity reports have been discontinued? I've been advised that according to this post popularity reports and most used items have been removed, but this post only talks about the discontinuation of the classic report and the relocation of the old popularity report to the new modern "site usage" page. My site usage page shows metrics for everything except "popular content in the last 7 days".


Is anyone aware of anything different? 




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Modern Site usage reports has been re-done twice by Microsoft and a third iteration is coming
Sure - but on my tenant the popular items part of usage reports isn’t working at all. Should it be?

@Robert Symmons 

Under popular content in the past 7 days, I also see "We do not have enough data to show here. Please try again later" for Site Pages, News Posts and Documents.


There has been standard level of activity in this site and our Comms team checks this interface weekly, so we know this is a new development. 


Is there another way to access this data?