Modern PNP Search Result web part - Thumbnail Preview Images Not Showing

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Hello Tech Community,

This is in reference to V4 PNP Search results webpart.

I read a few articles  that there was a bug where thumbnail preview images were not always displaying. I don't believe that the issue I am seeing is related to that bug (which was reported to have been fixed). I am saying that because I deployed the webpart on my tenant and used some of the client documents and the thumbnail preview images display on my tenant.  On the client SharePoint search, no images are displaying for any documents. I have tried re-indexing an entire site, but that didn't help. When you click on the broken image, the document does go into the preview view, so it is there.

Client search results:


My tenant search results with the same documents 



Is there anything configuration on the SharePoint tenancy that I should review?  Has anyone else encountered this and what/how did you resolve.


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