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Hi everyone,


I discovered a weird issue on accident today when a user emailed a screenshot of our home page.


The user (which only has Read level access) was viewing the draft of our home page, not the published home page.

This is obviously a major issue for a number of reasons. The biggest being that a draft is just that, a draft that is more often than not unfinished and lacking functions, as is my case.


Has anyone else experienced this? I've done some digging and found one other mention dated February of this year.


Is there some related setting that is disabled that is allowing this? Or something I need to do differently?


I checked every possible place I could think of and everywhere, the draft version was listed as such and the last time the page was published was listed as the current published version. So my draft was not the published version, which means the user should never have been able to view it.


Thank you for any help you are able to give



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@leonsig931835 Microsoft recently started releasing a new feature: "Private drafts for SharePoint pages and news". Check if this feature is affecting you if you have shared this page with other people.



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