Modern pages text web part inserting images broken

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I visited a modern page where I had created detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots for most steps. It looked fine. When I edited the page, everything looked wrong. 


Desired page 


 New page look



When I tried to fix it, I discovered the following: 

  • Inserting an image into a numbered list now resets the numbering for all following numbered list items. 
  • 2 lines are inserted above each image
  • 1 line is inserted below each image
  • Images can only float. Attempting to set an image to left alignment automatically brings the following text up to the right of the image. 
  • It is impossible to manually number lines in a text web part with anything resembling normal formatting. Those lines are automatically converted to numbered lists. 

This profoundly breaks my company's largest need for SharePoint pages. I'm currently preparing to roll out a CEO-driven project based largely on page-based content in SharePoint. I have re-train all my content creators. We can no longer follow our corporate branding and styling guidelines. 


I'm hoping that there are additional settings/formatting options available that I have not been able to locate. 

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@DeNae_L Experiencing the same issue. Would love to know if anyone has a solution. Numbered_List_Issue.png

@Erwin-M there is no setting to change this behaviour. Microsoft are aware of the bug but there's no indication when it will be fixed.


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Sounds good! Thank you!