Modern Pages File Viewer full-screen drops back to Document Library

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I am setting up a basic training site using SPOnline modern pages. For each lesson, I have a page with descriptive text, with File Viewer web parts for the training video and associated PDF'd slide. The underlying training documents are stored in a document library set aside for this purpose.


This took me just a few minutes to set up and works exactly as I want it to, except for one problem.

If you click the "Open in Browser" button on the embedded video player, or the "Open in a New Windows" button on the embedded PDF viewer, a new tab opens with the video/PDF as expected. But if you click the "x" button on the viewer's toolbar, rather than closing the just-opened tab, it instead drops into the document library in that tab.


I do not want my users in the document library. I only want them to access the content through the lesson pages. Is there a way to make the tab close when that "x" button is clicked, or hide/disable it?

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