Modern Pages File Viewer full-screen drops back to Document Library

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I am setting up a basic training site using SPOnline modern pages. For each lesson, I have a page with descriptive text, with File Viewer web parts for the training video and associated PDF'd slide. The underlying training documents are stored in a document library set aside for this purpose.


This took me just a few minutes to set up and works exactly as I want it to, except for one problem.

If you click the "Open in Browser" button on the embedded video player, or the "Open in a New Windows" button on the embedded PDF viewer, a new tab opens with the video/PDF as expected. But if you click the "x" button on the viewer's toolbar, rather than closing the just-opened tab, it instead drops into the document library in that tab.


I do not want my users in the document library. I only want them to access the content through the lesson pages. Is there a way to make the tab close when that "x" button is clicked, or hide/disable it?

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@DavidWexelblat I have the same issue.  regardless of where a PDF is called from, it opens on in the same tab (vs creating a new tab).  If the back arrow is used the user is returned to the original page.  If the 'X' in the upper right is used the user is brought to the Documents page.

Looking for a response to David's issue so that either 'X' is not available or if it is closes the page and returns the user to the original page.

@Earle33 @DavidWexelblat 

I have exactly the same issue. Do you have any news to solve that?