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We are looking at Communication Sites, specifically at the ability to add tables and be able to merge table cells and also being able to specify custom coloring for the table cells.  The text web part does allow in creating a table and has some table controls but we do not see merge and split table controls that are available on classic wiki pages.  Does anyone know of the options to merge cells and split cells will be added to the modern text web part?  Also does any one know how we could specify custom colors for the table cells? (yes there are 2 table styles/themes to choose from on the Text web part but will like in being able to configure cell coloring beyond those two options).  Thank you!

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AFAIK, ability to add custom styles in the Text WebPart is not provided and your branding options are limited to the new themes engine (at least for now)

Hi @Juan M Baena


The only way that I've found to create merge cells is to create the table structure in Word to start off with and copy it across to the modern text web part. Not ideal, but where there's a will there's a way. With regards to your style and themes, as @Juan Carlos González Martín said, you are limited to the themes.



Thank you!

@Juan M Baena 

Hi - do you know if the web part has been updated yet so we can merge/split cells and also change the background colour of the header rows, or indeed any rows in the table?

It is very frustrating not having this power and it would make life a lot easier.


It would also be good if we could also choose the alignment of the content in each cell, eg. top, middle, bottom. Sometimes the table aligns content in one cell out of line with the cell next to it. I know we can choose the alignment of the table on the page but it's good to have the content within the table look nice too!


Please update me!


Many thanks :D