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On the SharePoint April 2019 Blog we noticed improvements coming to notifications on modern pages (i.e News pages) as users add a comment or make a reply or like a response.   This is great since until now only users who are specifically @mentioned get an email notification.  Our business stakeholders have been asking for notifications via email to be triggered on other actions beyond someone @mentioning someone else and in having the owners of the site get the notification.  Site owners would like to know when someone is posting a comment to their site pages or replying to a comment even liking a response.   On the article it states "SharePoint Authors" as the one's who will be eligible for the email notifications.  Does someone know who qualifies as a "SharePoint Author"?  Does it mean the person who created the page or the person who last modified the page or ideally will this be those user part of the site Owners Group?  Thanks!

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It's who creates the pages and or is set as the Page author, it defaults to you, but you can change it in the header, so whoever that person is, will get the notifications.
Agree here with Chris

hi@Chris Webb are you sure? 
I've tried to change the displayAuthor (the one displayed on the header) but the comment notification keeps arriving only to the author in the CreatedBy field, which you can see in the pages view,a field you cannot modify easily.

this is really bad, as it's very common that the first author of a page could change job

i've opened a specific request for this

Dit you recieve an update on this issue, @Jacopo ALABISO? I'm facing the same problem... 

@Jochem1055 nope. I belive it's not in their radar yet...

@Jacopo ALABISO 


I have created a User Voice request for the ability to change who receives the comment notifications on news posts. Please vote for it is you find it relevant:




@Matthew Stevenson  Thank you. I've already went in to post. As an administrator and who normally creates new sites my name is everywhere, but more than myself I'm wary about the spam this could generate to our users.


I understand there is a link in the bottom of the email sent to unsubscribe, but this is one of those few automagical things that happens that should have a toggle.

Yeah, notifications definitely go to the "created by" user only so the suggestion above that you can manipulate this is inaccurate. This is another example of how out of touch Msft is and needs to be changed without having to wait the years it takes Msft to respond to a uservoice idea.