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Now that we are getting more pilot users working with Modern SharePoint Sites we are hearing a lot a complaint about modern pages/news pages not providing the ability to size the image that goes on the top/title section of the page.  Users feel it takes a lot of space on the page and although it could be deleted so we have no image at all, there are cases were users like in having an image or background associated with the page.  When I attended the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas late May of this year I heard the same comments from attendees.  Does anyone know if we may see an option in the future for controlling how much real estate a title image can take on a modern page?  Another common theme is the Hero web part that users will like a smaller version where it uses images of smaller size, and  I think I heard there would be something like this coming up in the future if anyone has heard anything around a Hero part that uses takes less space by using smaller sized images let me know. Thank you!

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My suggestion here is wait to the news that we will have for sure about SPO at Ignite