Modern Page Events Web Part missing reoccurring events

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I've added Events Web Part to a Modern Page to list all the upcoming events. However, it is not listing any of the reoccurring events specified in the calendar.


I am not sure, if I am doing something wrong or if there is a bug with the web part. Is anyone else experience similar issue? Does anyone know of a workaround?


Thank you for the help in advance.


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Unfortunately, there isn't any support for recurring events in the modern web part. Hard to say if it's a bug or intended functionality. This is because the Modern UI for adding an event doesn't allow for recurring events. Only when you go to the SharePoint list, can you configure it that way.
Totally agree with Beau Cameron!

It is unbelievable that recurring events are not supported. It's 2018, you can't just release something and after 2-3 years still be missinb *basic* functionality...

But nothing is being done :(
Doesn't seem so hard to program. I don't even need the modern "new event" form to be able to add those recurring events (you can do this via outlook or classic edit). Just want the webpart to display those events

There's been an update recently - I can add recurring events to the events calendar, and they show up properly. The range and the actual next date shows up. If you have to edit it you do have to go to the calendar through site contents to get to the old classic page - you can't edit a recurring event through it's modern page.



@Robin Nilssonthx for the info.


Not seeing that in my targeted release tenant nor GA tenant yet.


Kinda suprised about this as John Sanders, Program Management at Microsoft just declared that recurring events are not supported in the webpart.


oops. :) It looks like it was part of the event web part updated to allow roll-ups, etc. It's still not all there, and I know at times things appear and then disappear again.

Ah, I just double checked what I saw - you can't add a recurring event through the modern page either. But if you go to the actual event page - the classic one you land on if you go through site contents, you can do it there from the classic page. That's probably why the disconnect.


It still acts like a standard SharePoint calendar event. There is one item for the recurring event. If you change one of the events, then a separate item is created.

Still no solution for this?

@ingeLLa I guess not - this is a typical example of Msft's approach to "modern" which is purely a superficial reskinning of the same ancient functionality. That's fine but at the very least the functionality has to be equal to what went before. It's unconscionable that Msft can't figure out how to adapt the events web part to show recurring events. 

Still no luck on Calendar view for a List in SPO

There's now an option to format a "modern" view as a calendar if that's what you mean. In the list view dropdown select create new view and choose calendar. Details here:

This doesn't resolve this topic's question though about recurring events.

An SPFx web part may have recurring events feature, but not sure it has different filter views and it's more complex to deploy.
Uservoice is gone. How do we add this to the roadmap? I saw documentation that a group calendar would resolve this; that app is not available to me.



I think Microsoft just doesn't want to bother with this.
They keep saying to use a groupcalendar, but if you want this on a communicationsite that has no groupcalender, that is not alternative at all 




It's a bit crazy-making. Our organization has a few thousand communication sites, many of which want to show events. Many of the events are recurring (e.g., weekly "office hours" meetings around a topic, quarterly Town Hall meetings, etc.). How has this not been made a priority?



It's crazy, isn't it?

And now the SharePoint uservoice is also shutdown without any real alternatives? :(
The workaround is to deploy a web part developed with SharePoint Framework
It's been 5 YEARS. How has this issue not been resolved yet? It's still a highly requested feature. And the Event web part only really makes sense if it displays all events. I will not start creating recurring events manually each year.

Any updates?