Modern Page Authoring tutorials/trainings

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I´m looking for good articles, blog posts, youtube videos,...  on modern page authoring. 

I was not able to find a lot of content on page authoring itself.



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@johnvienna I'm not sure what you are specifically looking for, but there is a lot on Here are a few:


@Susan Hanley  First, let me say thank you. Not only for answering my question, but for all the contributions you have done for this community. The links you have shared are great.

Basically, I have to admin, that my question did not express my intention very well. I was hoping to find inspirations to set up an adoption program for our 70 Intranet key users around the globe. We are planning to setup a community for our intranet key users, where we will provide them with unlimited amount of different training, possibility to ask questions, videos tutorials, lookbook for inspiration and so on. For this purpose, I was looking around for some inspirations.

@johnvienna Thanks for your kind words! In this case, take a look at some of the resources in the Office 365 Champions program. Expand the left side links on this page. I think you will find some ideas and inspiration!