Modern news web part any way to hide author

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Our customers want to be able to publish news where the author is not displayed. Some news published don't have an information owner or the information comes directly from the organization itself. 


The publishers do not want to login with a different account everytime a new post needs to be made.


I know you can remove the information from the page but the author field is still displayed on  the web part.

Another solution we thought of was using a placeholder account with the organization name. But in the mobile app the notification diplays who created the post and not the author of the post



"[Created by] just published a new post"


Does anyone have any experience with this?



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If you use the "List" layout and choose the "Compact View" it doesn't show the author name. But there is no way to hide from the other layouts. I do wish there was a way to have more flexibility in what shows.
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If you have a generic (e.g. Corporate Communications) account, you can associate the post with that author without logging in using that account. It will work in the web part as well. However, it doesn’t work for News Links, where there is no way to associate the post with a different author.

@Theodor Ammerind We just received a very welcome update on our SharePoint Online tenant. The news web part now lets you hide author, date published, and view count.


Been waiting for this functionality forever!


@Susan Hanley Hi Susan, I'm sure you have seen this already, but I was so excited to see the option to hide author, view count, and submission date when I happened to be editing a news part this morning!


@dfurler Great news indeed!


Hi all, apart from the new possibilities on hiding information in the news webpart, what about hiding the author information in the news page you're getting when you click on "Show All"?

Anyone was able to do that?


@Thomas Alessandri  Where you able to hide the author from the News Page you get after clicking on the Show All link of a web part? I'm looking for the same feature.




Hi @carles1964, no didn't find a solution..