Modern News - Audience Targeting Bug

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We are experiencing a bug with Audience Targeting. The situation is as follows:


We have a hub site configured with various communication sites associated with this.

We've waited over a week after enabling the Audience targeting feature on the list.

When we create a news article they always show on the site they are created. However, when we visit another site seemingly randomly the articles do not show up.


This is even we select or deselect the Audience targeting feature within the web-part it doesn't seem to make any difference.


Example below:

Source SiteSource Site

 News from Asia Pacific Site

Destination SiteDestination Site

News from another site in the hub where OOTB 5 is missing








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Further to this we've identified that this bug occurs if you select sites from a hub site within the webpart and create a news article with a lot of content. If you use the built in templates or create a story with a header a few images and lots of text in quick succession then the articles do not show. This is a bug with the web part.


Can anyone else reproduce?



I have had the same issue, did you have any joys with this one or any advice back from microsoft, i have a feeling the hub site is using search to retrieve the results whereas the ones on the actual site are using something else to render, thats why they appear straight away and audience target works but they dont' show straight away on the top level hub site.


Would love it if they can resolve this, sort of defeats the purposes of audience target news on the lower sites if the hub still shows them.