Modern Lists - Filtering on multiple values for a single column requires multiple trips to the LOV

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In the classic list views when filtering on column values there were check boxes to indicate the desired values for a column filter.  Now it appears the way to filter is to click on an item and the list will filter on only that item.  To filter on more items you must initiate the filter again and select one more item.  This is a repetitive (and time consuming)process.   Am I doing something wrong (or not doing something right)?  My workaround for now is to create a webpart page and include a list view webpart which uses the classic view with the checkboxes.

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Hi @Lynn Parsons,


Currently there is no optin for multi select filtering on list columns. 


What kind of filtering are you trying to do? If you set up the same filters over and over agian then you could of course still create views. Also grouping might help you? Using the Group by choice option as shown below, but that might depend on the more detailed requirements: