Modern Lists doesnt display all text on modern pages

I noticed with the classic style of sharepoint you can display single or multiple lines of text in a list on a classic style page and it will show all of the text. In the New Modern Lists, Single or Multiple lines of text displayed on a Modern page I noticed the text will start to fade the more that is typed. Can Microsoft Fix this to display all of the text? I have an attachment showing what I am talking about.
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Hi @Brian Knutson,


It seems to work for me:




Which browser are you using?


It will display within the list. But take that list, add it to a Modern Page and display the text on the modern page. See if it shows it all. It doesnt for me. I have two photos attached. One from the list item and one added to a modern page.
Ive been using a mixture of FF and Edge. IE once and awhile for additional features.

Ah ok, I'm getting the same behaviour now. The single line of text is at least properly truncated and endding on ...  


The multicolumn is just being chopped.



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Yeap, I have seen this also and to me is a bug in the modern list visualization
I hope they fix it. I know its beta so my post is a little pre-mature. I just figured since they are adding more features to SP like twitter, maybe they can update the list first. I switch to just text for displaying info but isnt a long term solution.

Found a bug that seems to fix it. Change column to singel line of text, add formating


"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "@currentField",
"style": {
"padding": "4px"
and change back to multiple line of text
That's a great suggestion. It worked for me.

How do you change a mutliline field to a single line of text field??

@André NesheimI just tried applying the formatting to a Multiline text field. It works. So no need to change column types.

@Hank de Wit I just tried the same code and it did make all of the text visible, but it is also now showing <div> and <br> tags within the multiline text field. Any ideas why? 


{"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "@currentField",
"style": {
"padding": "4px"}

@Toni Nemec 

Try changing the type of text allowed in the column to plain text

I found another solution: 


However, they both display the HTML tags. I cannot apply 'Plain text' to my column because I need to keep links in the column. Help :) !

@KM KTNNWhy not use a Hyperlink column?

@André NesheimTo be more precise. In the column there is some text with more than one hyperlink and sometimes without hyperlinks. Thanks for the suggestion.

@KM KTNN & @André Nesheim do you guys now if there is a solution in place now to apply the content with hyperlinks?