Modern list / library time field - critical bug

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Dear All!


Updating time field in modern list and library does not work using the information panel edit or edit form. Only quick edit can be used to alter time value.


As attachment is needed in our solution...

Tried to solve this via created a single line of text and formated to time value to create a workaround but the SharePoint mobile app does not support columns with validation!!


Moved on using PowerApps but the we lost the ability to add attachment / image via the form.


It is hard to give customer what they need and sell the mobile first idea when there are these bugs.


We also need to have the minute increment and this can be enterned via the GUI skipping the drop down but then ofcourse only works for new form and quick edit mode.


It seems like Microsoft fixed the bug editing the item which change all time fields to 00:00 in the related item.


Anybody who have heard of improvements for the time field?


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