Modern List Item UI Causes Data Loss

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I feel like I may be missing something simple but I'm about to tear my hair out because I keep running into this and it is so irritating!


I'm working in SharePoint Online using the modern experience, and I have a custom list with 15 fields.  That's not a tremendous amount as lists go, but it can take some time to fill out a single entry.  


As I'm working in the "New Item" pop-out box, things generally seem to go along fine as long as I'm super careful never to move my mouse off that box.  But if I click anywhere outside the dialog window, all my data is just gone, vanishes, poof, not saved.  I've tried looking for it with Alt+Tab and Task Manager but no, that dialog is just gone.  


I've been experiencing this in IE and Chrome, not tried Firefox yet.  Surely I'm not the only one experiencing this?  





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@Anne O'Day 

This issue is still going on I believe since I experience it since today that when opening the editor and touching a field to change it's value, two other colons loose their data. Funny it are always the same two colons loosing data and it are both Choice fields.

When I open the editor and immediately select edit all this is not happening.

Is there already a work around for this? It is quiet hard to make all contributors to the list use this solution with the edit all option, especially when they are only viewing the data and touching a field without purpose to change it.


Also, when you are working on en enriched text field, even if you clic SAVE button on the text field but do not click save on the form you will lose everything you wrote. 


It´s really bad, specially when using enriched text fields, because the autosave behaivour is expected.  


Please fix it .




This is so frustrating that this issue still exists - why not implement a "Are you sure you want to delete the last 10 minutes of work". This crappy user design has lost me so much work.

@Bo Christian Bertelsen  I think Microsoft already gave up.