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I might have been dreaming, but I thought in the modern library UI it was possible to drag and drop items from one group into the other.

I can see that icons change when I move an item in a grouped view, but nothing seems to happen.

Is this a bug, has this feature been removed (not added yet)... anyone else notcied this?



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I have never seen this...what you can do is copy files between site Groups, but I don't recall to have the Drag & Drop feature between Groups

To clarify, I meant grouped items in libraries, not 'site Groups'. It turns out you have to select the item and then drag & drop it into the other group, I simply dragged it without the previous selecting.


Noticed once you have grouped something and clear the filter again, the quick edit feature is no longer visible. You have to reload the page to see that feature again. Will flag.

I love this feature because it’s an easy way to encourage end users to tag documents without having to manually tag those documents from within the properties screen

You are not dreaming. Here is what I've noticed...

  1. In modern libraries with a grouped view I am currently able to drag a file from my desktop and drop it into a group. The file will be automatically tagged with the proper metadata for that group and it will appear in the group to which it was dropped
  2. Just yesterday I was able to successfully drag single and multiple files from one group into another group and the metadata was updated accordingly.
  3. However, dragging and dropping between groups seems to only work intermittently
  4. I did a little research and wasn't able to come up with anything that shows this is in the works
  5. If anyone has any add'l info please let us know.

The feature is available in our tenant, and the idea is great. We are however getting errors 'Unable to get property code of undefined or null reference' regularly just after a document has been dropped into its new group. The value seems though to update so a refresh has everything looking ok. Annoying to most regular users, of course, who think this is not working.

I have filed a ticket with MS support, so waiting for their reply.

Hi Michael, it seems that the first point you have mentioned, dropping file on to the group to apply metadata automatically is not working for me now ( I remember it worked perfectly the other day). Do you know the reason and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance!

@AbhishekM Gupta 


It doesn't work for me now either. Here is what I suspect...and this is merely my opinion

  • MS was working on that feature at some point and soft released it to Targeted release users without mentioning it at all
  • The eventually rolled this update back for some reason...I have no idea why
  • So the only people who probably ever noticed this would have been the targeted release folks.

I wish I had more...good luck!