Modern Library "Notify your team" option after upload - with uncontrollable or auditable results


Hoping someone has an idea for us on this one. We have a large site collection with inherited permissions across 20+ subsites. Last Friday one of our end users shared a file that he had uploaded to our Modern Document Library to nearly 50 end users - listed individually in the email, not as a group - by selecting a new "feature" in the library after the upload. I cannot find ANY documentation on this feature whatsoever, it is a total surprise to me that it exists. Can anyone shed any light on this? How do I manage/disable it?


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Odd that it would open Sharing vs. just a form or e-mail or Teams nitrification but probably is for the upcoming Teams / SharePoint integration to help with notifying about files, but if all it does is bring up Sharing not sure I like that personally :p

Here's a copy of the email sent once this is selected. It is a "Share" - what it looks like to end users, is a Phishing email. Also - when I pulled an audit log, the "Share" action is not listed in the audit.





Ouch, if anything it should use the "with existing access" option with the way that link is worded.

This is a new feature that is still rolling out. The goal of the feature is to make it easier for users uploading files to a teamsite to notify others with existing access that the file is now available on the site. Recipients who are notified will receive an email with an existing access link to the file. We consider this a sharing action as the same flow could be accomplished through the use of our Share experience with the Existing access link type. At this time, we do not offer management or disable functionality for this feature. Thank you for sharing your feedback and please feel free to share additional feedback to help us improve this feature. 

Much like the "Request Sign-Off" Flow, not being able to manage if these options are active/available is problematic for us. We were not even aware of the feature (note: a FULL search of the MS Roadmap did not mention it) and poof there it is, and so I wasn't able to get ahead of it and warn people about what it would do. Execs were emailed 3 documents they did not need to be bothered with. And as I could not reach the person using the feature by phone right away, my only option was to remove his access so he wouldn't send anymore out before I could talk to him about it.

Now today running a Power BI Visualization of a Modern List I got an error telling me "We couldn't parse OData response result. Error: The property 'EnableRequestSignOff' does not exist on type 'SP.List'." In order to move forward I had to go run the Sign Off Request Flow once on my list adding the column to my default view. ARGH2018-08-09_13-57-23.jpg

Is there a thread or group to follow the development of this feature. It would save me a lot of pain to be proactive and give my leadership updates. Thanks

Hi @Brian Givens ,


The best place to stay up to date on features such as this is at the OneDrive Tech Community Blog. We post a wrap up post every two weeks capturing what features are being updated or added to the service. Thanks!

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@Lauren Khoo : So, we are two SharePoint admins in my organization and both see different behavior altogether .


For Me :

I observe that only site collection admin can see all users having access on the site once click on "notify your team" but anyone else other than site collection admin sees only his/her user name.


For Another Admin :

She sees group names instead of user names once she clicks on "notify your team" and doesn't matter if she's site collection admin or not .


Can you confirm why we see two different behaviors ?

@Vimmi Rawat - Hi there, apologies for the delay. Thank you for your patience. Can you confirm that this behavior is happening on the same site for both you and the other admin?