Modern Document Sets SP2019

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I have a few questions about Doc Sets on SP2019, and was hoping someone may have the answers I cannot find.


  • Is there a way to create a Document Set with a Modern Experience in SP2019? We are up to date with the latest CU but any new Doc Sets we create still have Classic Experience. I can see that this function works in SP Online, but as with most things have the feeling it has purposefully been missed from SP2019.
  • Is there a way to convert all existing Document Sets in SP2019 to a Modern Experience? We have migrated from SP2013 and have a lot of Doc Sets that we would like to update. I have found the following, which works, but as it is based on changing Views only works on one Library at a time.


Thanks in advance.



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I think modern document sets did not reach SP 2019 and Microsoft has not intended to add them in the CUs released month by month.

@Juan Carlos González Martín Maybe what I have is not the "true" modern document set experience that is in SharePoint Online. I have essentially changed the view of the document set to be a new modern view, it seems to work, and looks like the attached. However it would be a bit tiresome to have to do this on every library on every site - I suppose it could be scripted, presuming the default view of a document set can be accessed via powershell.  Also, it would need changing for every new library going forward.

So I guess what I am saying is, a doc set can be made to look modern in SP2019. Is there a way anyone has found to force this to happen without the workaround of creating new views every time a library is created with a document set in!?