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I got a question from a user stating that they wonder why the Document Library webpart does not span the full width of the page? Any settings I'm missing or is this by design and cannot be changed?


I would be able to expand the webpart width over the marked space? If its possible?



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You are pretty much stuck with it. I wish they would allow us more options on webpart zone sizing, but they mostly do this to help with responsive design.

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thanks for the information, then I know that there is a limitation. 




@Martin Sagerstrand I too have a client asking the very same question.

Business justification:

With Document management libraries usually a couple of metadata columns need to be displayed and then full width makes a lot of sense.

The possibility for full witdh on Modern SharePoint is now only avialable (afaik) for Image and Hero Webpart.

The only thing required is the property fullBleed in the webpart's manifest. 

How to add SPFx webpart to full-width column (


Can Microsoft SPO team react to this request, please?

@Carry4IT Megens interesting :)


I have seen many cases where a full with doc library would be a nice feature and users always asking why it cant be full with.. 




@Martin Sagerstrand 


This is actually possible to configure with coding (adding a custom SPFx web part) that changes the limitations. However, this would require having maintenance, someone stand-by to be able to help out when Microsoft does changes to the core structure. So that the design changes can adapt to SharePoint responsive design.

The code itself only requires 3 lines of code at maximum. The real challenge is to have someone to understand what it does and be able to maintain it when required.

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Aref Halmstrand

@Martin Sagerstrand 

I have uploaded an image here as example when using full width of the page.


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Aref Halmstrand

@ArefHalmstrand thank you for your follow up. Exactly that: it requires a custom webpart.
Why does Microsoft not provide the option ootb?
I cannot understand.



yes that is a shame, this should def. be an OOTB feature



@Carry4IT Megens 


Done.. :)




Bummer. Now Micrsooft turns away from Uservoice I hope they still make the very small change required in their webparts to include FullBleed. Can someone from SharePoint team react to this please?



Can you please guide me  with sample  code in this regard ,how to  achieve this using webpart  spfx ?.  I am beginner on spfx development.

While this got my attention and still no solution, I posted the same question on new feedback portal since uservoice got abandonned, your votes here please: