Modern document library view Group By not collapsing or showing second level

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I have a document library with 15200 documents in. Content Type with a number of single line text columns. I have tried to group by these columns with collapse. no filter so display all documents. I have another document library with fewer than 300 documents displaying a similar behaviour. 

Two issues:

- default collapse on open has no effect

-  2nd group by does not show.


I am using latest version Chrome. I have also tried launching the document library in Guest Mode.


Am I missing something?


no collapse.PNGgroupby.PNG

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Hi @John Seto 


I tried to replicate your configuration and it's working with less than a 100 files. As the official documentation remarks, some list view options could not be available nor working when the list or document library has more than 5000 items:


2019-06-27 13_15_18-Window.png

Hope it helps!



@Ferran Chopo Garcia - thanks very much. I will feed this back to client.


I'm trying to migrate from Lotus Notes Databases which doesn't seem to have issue group by with 13000 items. It maybe legacy but still works on large data.

@John Seto - i am also finding this to be true with lists with only a couple hundred items. Grouped/expand/collapse does not appear to be ready for the modern UI. It's pretty frustrating. I've had lots of clients go back to folders for now so their users don't abandon SharePoint altogether.


I know I'm replying to a 2 year old thread, but I recently had this issue and after much struggling I got it working.


The solution was to change the filtering (not the grouping). Although I was already filtering by indexed columns, I had 4 criteria, with a mix of and and or logic, and used begins with for some items. Simplifying the filtering resolved the issue. I think it is because when loading ungrouped data it can load incrementally, and tolerate more complicated filters, but when grouping it must load all data at once and gets overwhelmed.


I switched to using And logic exclusively, and avoided begins with, and it's working now.