Modern Document Library not showing image thumbnails


We are seeing some issues on SPO with some Document Libraries, within different site collections which doesnt show any properties and thus no thumbnails for anyone.


The error message states: Cannot read property 'code' of undefined.



Different libraries within the same site work fine and there are no differences within the settings because the sites are provisioned from the same template.


The specific pictures work fine in different libraries.


Anyone any idea how to fix this?

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This issue has been already reported in other a support ticket

Hi @Randy Nieraeth,


Did you ever find an answer on this?  I saw  the same problem a few moments ago.


Hi Pieter,


I opened a support ticket and after some calls and remote session they (MS) seem to get it fixed.

Dear @Randy Nieraeth ,

Same issue here on SharePoint 2019 on Prem.

After your contact with the MS Support Teams, don't you have any clue on how to solve this?