Modern Document Library and Title column

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If we're going to make it easier for an end user to add a column to a document library why not expose "Title" as a choice under "Show/Hide Columns" ? Instead the user must dig into Library Options and modify the view.

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i think the title column is always paired to the Name so it is a factory column what you could do is move the column down. but you are right sometimes it is a issue. kr, Paul

Sorry no idea what you mean by paired. Title is just an additional column that can be added to a view. I'm just saying it should be easier to do so under Show/Hide columns in the new experience

Oh I very much agree! I eventually found the ability to expose the title as a column, but I nearly gave up a few times. Most of the articles that I found didn't match what I was seeing either.


And for the message that said they are "paired", no they are not. If you click on the "Details" link of a Link in a DocumentLibrary you can also edit Title there.


Screenshot 2022-04-21 172410.png

The assumption that they are paired is shown when  you query the graph (or how PNP Search works) you can see the Title is automatically populated with FileName if it is empty.


Screenshot 2022-04-21 174933.pngScreenshot 2022-04-21 174804.png

The treatment of columns is useless to me, as a non-expert user. I display "Description" - that sounds great! But I can't get any data into it! So annoying!