Modern DispForm.aspx Rich Text Not Rendering

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When displaying a list item in the modern dispform.aspx, the rich text field is showing the un-rendered HTML. 


It looks like the div that wraps the rich text is embedded in the field's text.  Below is what is currently being displayed in the rendered field for test list item.



<div class="ExternalClass7EE12DDE9994458AAA42F3263AA530D6"><p>TEST​</p></div>



Anyone else experiencing this?



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This was resolved by removing the JSON formatting script below from the list rich text column's properties.

Once the script was removed, the column rendered correctly from the dispform.aspx.



"$schema": "",
"elmType": "div",
"debugMode": true,
"txtContent": "@currentField",
"style": {
"font-size": "18pt"