Modern Calendar Add new item page error: "Page creation has failed"

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We have started seeing this issue where when users try to create a new Calendar item using modern calendar webpart's + add item link, they see an error message: "Page creation has failed because you don't have permissions to create a page on this site." See attachment. When they click on the Close button on the error message, they can continue to create the calendar entry and save it without problem.


The "Pages" document library has "Read" permission for all the users because we don't want them to create or edit site pages but for Calendar they have Edit permission so they should be able to create a new calendar entry, which they are able to but it shows this error message.


This is something new. We have tested in all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) with same message.

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I have tried to reproduce your error on my tenant (developer subscription with First Release) but I was unable to. I have an account with read-only permissions at the site level. I've broken permission inheritance on the Events list and assigned the account Edit permissions here (also tried with contribute). Using the modern Events Web Part I am able to create an event without errors.


Do you still have this issue? Is your tenant also on First Release? 


If you still have this issue I suggest you to submit a support request through the O365 admin portal





Thanks Paul for your reply but yes we are still having this issue. We do have some users setup as First Release including myself and I am seeing that issue too. I actually reproduced this issue again and noticed that when I create a calendar entry using the modern calendar interface, it actually creates a new .aspx page in the Pages library for every calendar entry I create. This is causing the error obviously because users have only Read permission for the Pages library and the page cannot be created. See attachment please. As mentioned earlier they are able to create the entry after the hit the close button on the error message.


My question is why on earth would it create a page just to create a calendar entry?

I guess I will lodge a ticket with Microsoft as you suggested.

Very strange, I don't see pages being created in my environment...