Missing search bookmarks - Search in Hub only

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We've limited our search to only the SharePoint Hub. But all the bookmarks, QA and acronyms have disappeared. Is this a bug? Why would they disappear? They reappear when we open search to the full enterprise search... surely this is not a built in limitation imposed by Microsoft? Is there a way to fix this?

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Hello @PrescientWard 


currently it's by design, you have no options to change it in the default Microsoft Search.


Best, Dave

@PrescientWard This is by design - or at least how it works currently. Bookmarks, acronyms, Q&A, etc. only work when you search from the organization level. Not a bug, but a current feature. It just depends on what outcome you are trying to achieve. 


It would be helpful to know the context of what you are trying to accomplish. If you are limiting search to a hub for your intranet experience, you will not be able to leverage that capability if you are restricting the search scope. Since search only finds content to which you have at least read permissions, you may want to think about restricting permissions rather than limiting search at the “front door” of the intranet if that is your use case. You can then use bookmarks to ensure specific content shows up first . If you are just talking about search within a specific hub, the scope is naturally restricted to just the hub so you wouldn’t need to do anything to make that happen.