Missing "Embed" Web Part for Modern Page

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We are a Site Collection Tenant in a SharePoint online environment. We had been using the Embed web part on a few modern pages and it was working fine. Well that changed yesterday. They just stop working. Now, when editing the page we see..

  1. The web part as more of a place holder, when we try and edit the web part, nothing... all we can do to it is delete it.

  2. When adding to the page, The Embed web part is missing from the web part list. We can not add a new one.

This all gives the appearance as if this feature as been removed/disabled. but for the life of me I cant find out how. at least from a SC level.

Anyone seen this?

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Are you still having this problem? I have just checked on one of my demo tenants the Embed Web Part is there
Yes I am, Thanks for checking your system. I am waiting for my host support team to reply back with their results.
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This has been resolved. It has been disabled above the SC level.
This happened in my site collection as well. Any updates?