Missing Check-In comment in Version History when submitted for approval

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I have a team site, the Modern UI is enabled and I have enabled the standard content approval in Sharepoint Online for a document library. Also, major and minor versions get created and users have to check out documents before editing.


When checking in, users write a check-in comment and can then submit the document as either a minor or major version. If they make a major version at check-in and the document is approved, the check-in comment is also the comment of the major version in the version history. So far, no problem for this scenario.


However, if users check in a document as a minor version and then manually submit for approval, their check-in comment will be discarded or deleted from the version history. The comment field remains empty even after approval.


Can anyone reproduce this issue or know a solution?


Version history when a document was checked in as minor version:



Version history of the same document after manual submit for approval:




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Same problem here. Did you find any solution for this?

@astapel Unfortunately, still no solution found.