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I am currently looking to improve our SharePoint site and specifically I want to remove some of the space at the top of the screen used by the site header. I noticed on the Microsoft roadmap that there is the following feature: -


SharePoint sites: new site header layouts

Now, site owners can reclaim some of the vertical space at the top of the site and highlight the main page content instead. There will be three new choices: standard, minimal and compact.

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  • Featured ID: 33131
  • Added to Roadmap: 8/29/2018
  • Last Modified: 4/19/2019
  • Tags: Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), O365, Online, SharePoint

So far I am seeing only standard and compact in my sites..... Whilst compact is an improvement on standard, I would ideally use minimal. According to Microsoft this should be a Q1 feature. Does anybody know if/when this feature will be released?

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@Paul Griffiths  I was also wondering when the third option was going to be released.  

Is there any further update on this. According to the Roadmap the minimal header has been launched.  However, I'm not seeing any evidence of this in our tenancy: -
header compact.png

@Paul Griffiths as far as I know these are the only 2 options currently (Standard, Compact). I think the minimal was dropped from the initial rollout. There is a "shy header" coming but the timeline given at the SharePoint conference was "Later this year"

The shy header is definitely coming ‘later in the year’ as per SPC 19. It was announced but delayed for quality reasons. Keep an eye on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and alerts in the Message Center as delivery approaches.

@Paul Griffiths@John Wynne@Rick DeFoe   


Microsoft has started rolling out new site header options including Minimal header, Extended header, site title visibility and some site logo settings.


I can see them in my tenant and I have tried using it. You can find more about what you can do with new header options & how at:

New Site Header Options are coming to SharePoint Online 

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