Minified React Error #185 in SharePoint Modern Site List

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Whenever I try to scroll in a SharePoint list, my screen freezes for a second and then the attached error appears.


Browser: Google Chrome



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@brandanb Hello, I am having the same issue and am wondering if there was ever a solution or guidance posted somewhere on this. Thank you!

I'm having the same issue.

So we had a user report this problem and we're still gathering what they did to create the error. So, describe what might be happening on the page with this error, what's being clicked on etc. Screens with redacted info are helpful to see the state of the page prior to the error.


#185 text: Maximum update depth exceeded. This can happen when a component repeatedly calls setState inside componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate. React limits the number of nested updates to prevent infinite loops.


So, in non-technical terms - too many things may be loading into the page and to prevent infinite looping, react is saying it's got too much to handle.


We have this reported on a page that has grouping on it, there are maybe 40 categories on the page. So I think the person having the problem on our end is attempting to expand several groups at one time and that trips this error.

@brandanbI'm getting this error scrolling down on a filtered view of documents in a drop off library.  

@brandanb I have the same issue on a SharePoint Online list. The error appears in a View when I have a counter set on any of my columns and at the same time the Tabular View setting has a checkmark (the default setting on the EditView.aspx page).


When I disable the Tabular View, the error disappears. But in my case, I need the Quick Edit, and for this, the checkmark needs to be on. So instead I remove the counter(s) for my list and then the error disappears as well.

@Johan Vader Addtionally: The list with the error was originally created from an excel file, with the 'Add an App' option using the app to import from spreadsheet. Eventually it turned out that one item in the list had an empty Title, while the field was required field. This item was not even shown in the filtered list.


When I added a Title to this item, the error disappeared.


@Johan Vader Very similar experience. Several SharePoint list with a few hundred items, grouping or turning on totals causes this.


This is unfortunate to have exposed this fragility in a time of crisis. It boggles my mind that a standard list, with a dozen columns, breaks like this. This makes SharePoint useless or am I missing something? I have several simple lists doing this right now... 

@Phil Detweiler Turning off 'totals' in the 'Edit View' dialog made this work. Putting a count back on instantly returns this error. This is not 'the page has too much to handle', this is a straight-up bug. I only have a dozen columns, a few hundred standard entries and event  no grouping on the view and this fails as described 100% of the time (not an occasional issue). Using Chrome by the way, don't have time right now to test in all the others...

@Phil Detweiler Post all the steps on how the error was produced? Columns used, number of items, etc. I'd like to try to get it to occur in one of my tenants and see if this is what is still happening with a list where we had a user report it.


Also, have you opened an incident with Microsoft so the bug can be tracked?