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We are using the built in mover.io migration in the SharePoint online Admin cCnter to migrate our File server(s) to the a SharePoint Site.  We will then Mount them in Windows 10, as Sharepoint Libraries as a Part of OneDrive Sync.  I have a question though.  If a do a Migration/Copy ahead of time with Mover.io, when the time comes for us to go into production, can I just run the migration task again and is mover.io smart enough to sync/migrate just changes to the data that is already there?  Or does it Re-copy and overwrite everything?  You would think mover.io is just smart enough to do differences/changes.


If you know the answer to this, thanks in advance :)

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Yeah I would like to know this as well, since there is no clear option to actually do an incremental migration as far as I know.

@Michael_Larsen  It does, I have just tested a Dropbox to Sharepoint migration and had the same question in mind.


Things tested:

1) Created the migration and completed the migration to SPS

2) Made changes on the source,I.e created a new folder and changed file contents etc

3) Rerun the Migration and it migrated newer contents only.

It would be nice If MS makes it clear otherwise.It just an trial and error.

Take care.