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We moved from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online and the Wiki pages did not get migrated, note I am not an administrator, so I have limited abilities, but I do own the site.


I am trying to recreate the wiki and managed to copy all the docs and .asxp files.  I have been trying to figure out a way of copying these old .asxp file to the newly created wiki site so that I can link them back in.


I can get to the wiki library I created, but I cannot figure out how to copy the file into it.  I can see the auto generated wiki pages.  Below is where I am trying to copy the files.  Any ideas or better ways to migrate the wiki?  Thanks  -Erik



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@Erik63 the SharePoint Migration Tool supports copying Wiki libraries.  Make sure you are using the latest version as older versions didn't include support.

SharePoint Migration Tool for SharePoint and OneDrive - Migrate to SharePoint and OneDrive | Microso...



@SteveKnutson Thanks I will confirm.  Our IT team will try it for me, so I will see how that works.

Hi @Erik63 , I am having similar issues with the Migration of about 100 Wiki pages to SP Online. Were you able to migrate the pages using any tool ?

I would really appreciate it if you help me out. Thanks.