Migrating from Classic Online to Modern Online

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I am facing a content migration from a classic SharePoint Online site to a Modern SharePoint Online site.


Currently I am only looking to migrate library content.


Obviously SharePoint Migration Tool cannot be used in this scenario, so the way I see it I am forced to either move the content via the inbuild "Copy" function inside the libraries or invest in a tool such as ShareGate.

Am I missing something, or is there a better way to do this? 

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Hi @miclarsen1 - if you're staying inside of the same M365 tenant, then the copy/move is the easiest route. What are your concerns with this approach? Sharegate does offer a free trial as well.

Hi @Kelly_Edinger ,


Yeah I thoughts as much.

My first concern is that,if you have a lot of content, then moving it via the "copy" functionality in the libraries may not be the optimal way to go.

In this case we have around 50GB, so not a whole lot, but still a lot of data to move in this manner. 


The second concern would be metadata. I just did a test run where I copied content from a library in a classic online site collection, to a new library in a modern online site collection. And to no ones suprise, metadata was not carried over and now the created by and modified by columns are set to the account the files was moved with.

To some, especially admins, this may be a minor issue, but the users of the sites sometimes see this as quite a big problem. 

But it seems the only way out of this, is to invest in a 3rd party tool that you only use once. 
I do realize ShareGate has a free licens, but as all good products like ShareGate works, the free licens does have limits in how much data you can move as far as I remember, which is obviously totally fine.