Migrate to Sharepoint online


One of my customer wants to migrate files from FileShare server and is looking for a feasable platform .


They have a total of 400 TB data and want to know, if moving to SharePoint would be a good option or they should choose to migrate to Azure.


Its a huge data and i am not able to find any resource that talks about it

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@ishfaq  using Sharepoint is great.... azure is also fine due to the best option and collobartion that Sharepoint gives you, besides it also works with any platform and it is user friendly, recently it has been integrated with Microsoft Teams the Collobration and Communication platfrom from Microsoft.


The Security permission, Version history, and accessibilities and much more that comes with Sharepoint.


so looking at all the features I would suggest it is best to do it in Sharepoint.

400 TB of data is a lot of data, but it could fit in SharePoint Online....does your company have enough storage for that amount of data?
@ishfaq SharePoint definitely best option. SharePoint storage comes with most standard 365 subscriptions, so you may already have the space available for it, without having to pay additionally for Azure storage services.

Microsoft have been recently updating their on-prem to 365 file migration options, so using the SharePoint Migration Tool, or Mover.io services would make your job easier!