Migrate SharePoint 2013 Farm to new domain(clustered sql server)

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Hi Team,

I am a new member of this community if I am not in the right place to share this I apologize and let me know.But if any one knows any best practice or methods to move our SharePoint 2013 on Premise Farms from old domain to a new domain with clustered SQL server that would be appreciated.I couldn't find online  anything best practice from MS  how to migrate a SharePoint farm from one domain to another different people said different things.




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Hi Tommy,


In the top menu of this site click Communities, find Sharepoint and under it Sharepoint space - perhaps that will be right place to ask your question.


I will move this question to the SharePoint community for better visibility. 

Quick answer is build up a new SQL cluster and farm, then migrate the content databases (+service app databases as necessary) to the new farm.