Migrate data from MAC OS to SharePoint Online

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Hi everyone,


I have a big issue to solve. in the follow rows i explain my scenario.

I have a mac which i use as a server where i shared some data (file and folders), and i need to move / migrate file and folders to sharepoint online.

I would need to know if i can use a tool to move large size docs. I think i can do it also manulay (drag & drop) but which limits do i have if i do so?

the MACs Dettails are: Mac version is 10.8 (i will provide more details soon)


any suggestions are welcome :)


many thanks


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You could think on using the SharePoint Migration Tool as long as you can share the content to be migrated as a network share the tool can see. Another alternative could be to move the data using the ODFB Sync Client

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks for your answer.


Any way, SPMT does'mt support MAC OS. 

I thought also about OD4B sync but it's not supported by MAC 10.8 Version :(




Tools for macOS are very limited. Nearly all the tools (e.g. here) are Windows based.

The browser-based tools (e.g. here) will also work on macOS.