Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer - Should you be worried?

Benjamin Niaulin

Wrote a quick blog post on the Microsoft Teams Announcement today and how that fits with Yammer.

Shortly, I'll dive deeper into Teams and what it means in Office 365 Groups, SharePoint and everything that it touches as well so stay tuned.



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I read the full post and I partially agree with the content and even with the title that I would change by Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer - Should I be confused? ;) To me is not only a question of comparing Yammer and Teams, but also we have a new toy/tool to add to the bag of collaboration tools (Yammer, Office 365 Groups, SPO Team Sites and now Microsoft Teams). I expect 2tolead people will produce a re-visited version of their famous whitepaper “When to use what” :)

What I'm "worried" about is that there's so many tools for my users. Is that a bad thing for someone who likes tech? No. But probably 1/3 of my users are not techie in any stretch of the imagination. If I try to explain all the different areas (E-Mail, SharePoint, Groups, OneDrive, Teams, etc.) and what is better for this or that they'll just gloss over, and revert back to using what they are comfortable with, e-mail and network shares.


If I could request something here's what I would love to see come from Office 365. A person goes to a page to setup, say a Work Group. There they are given options, do they need to use documents? Lists? A calendar? Conversations? The user then picks and chooses what they need and it is created. If they want to add a feature later, great, they go add it. Having to decide which is best (Group vs. SharePoint vs Teams vs whatever) is a confusing mess for most users. They sometimes just have a simple idea of what they need and they just want to be able to go set it up and use it.

Mmm...the comparison is a nice try but too abstract or poorly defined IMHO...what does it means "Medium" in regards of the size of the group ^-^? Today I also read a post about Microsoft Teams integration with Visual Studio Online and I think in this scenario Microsoft Teams fits really, really welll so as I said in my first post it's important to be able to explain when to use what and also as Cary has said, provide more abstraction layers for end users so in the end they are able to create just what they need
"Outlook Group" = "Office 365 Group" ? :thinking_face:
LOL same here. You are not the only one :)
Yeap, Outlook Groups = Office 365 Groups :p

Cary Siemers - genius. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft (and others) deliberately attack us with confusion overload. It all seems a bit Adam Curtis.


This does not help solve the Office 365 incongruity problem - it simply describes it. As long as these verticals exist in the product in such a conspicuous manner, many people will default to email - and not even Conversations, just email. I can't help but think that these products are being conceived of by engineers. Don't get me wrong, I love the direction things are heading, especially all of the integration items on the roadmap - but it can't happen soon enough.
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